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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Concealed Carry proves its' worth

Unfortunately, the antis are going to go to town with this:

Grocery store customer ordered to meet with DA after firing at robbers

CREATED Jan. 31, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb. 1, 2012 | 5:16 AM 
MILWAUKEE- The customer who fired at two robbers on Milwaukee's north side Monday night has been scheduled to meet with the Milwaukee County District Attorney on Wednesday.

Despite the fact he prevented a robbery at Aldi's grocery store at N. 76th and W. Villard Ave., he still had gun inside the store, where carrying concealed weapons is not allowed.

Police say two men carrying shotguns walked into the Aldi's; as the men attempted to steal the cash, they were met by a third gunman -- this one, a customer.  That customer fired at the robbers, hitting one.

Don Gaspardo supports concealed carry and backs the actions of the customer.  "I believe everyone should carry a gun just because something like this," said Gaspardo.

Police are looking into whether that man had a concealed weapon and the fact that the customer may have broken the law by having a weapon inside Aldi.  The store has signs forbidding guns.

It won't matter that this fellow prevented a violent crime, or that the robbers ignored not only Aldi's cute little "no weapons" sign - all that will matter is that another gun in the hands of a law-abiding person shot someone and caused an injury.

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