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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remember that anti-gun boycott of Starbucks?

Well, it's in process:

Anti-Gun Group Begins “Brew Not Bullets” Starbucks Boycott

As promised, an anti-gun group began a boycott of Starbucks on Valentine’s Day over the chain’s gun policy — or rather, its lack of a gun policy.

The CEO of the National Gun Victims Action Council (NGAC) said he tried to avoid the “Brew Not Bullets” boycott, but Starbucks would not budge on its stance.

“The boycott will end only when Starbucks rejects the NRA’s Pro-Gun agenda by 1) banning all guns from their stores and 2) committing to be an Aggressive Corporate Advocate for sane gun laws,” NGAC CEO Elliot Fineman said in a news release.

Starbucks’ gun policy is simply that is abides by local laws, saying “In the end, we determined that following local laws is the best approach for us. Were we to adopt a policy different from local laws allowing open carry, we would be forced to require our partners to ask law abiding customers to leave our stores.”
More at the link.

I wonder if Starbucks will notice. So far, I've seen no evidence of any protesters, so maybe this is simply a few dozen people who won't got to Starbucks any more - if they ever went in the first place.

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