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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The "Smartest Negro on Earth (tm)" is presiding over the attempted destruction of one of the only sensible bits of Homeland Security - allowing flight crew on airliners to be armed.

His latest "budget" has language ending the Federal Flight Deck Officer Program. This replaced common sense rules in effect since the Cuban Missile Crisis allowing flight crew to be armed to resist hijackers - a rule put in place by the FAA in the 1960s.

Isn't it interesting that pilots were stripped of that fundamental right two months before 9/11?

For centuries, it has been the right of ship captains to be armed against mutiny and pirates - and hijackers and bombers are just modern pirates. Airplanes are the modern equivalent of seagoing ships, even if mutiny is not a real concern these days.

I don't agree that a RINO would be preferable to four more years of Osama. A RINO will be open to "bipartisanship" and will gleefully sign bills presented by other leftist members of CONgress in the name of "reaching across the aisle". Such a President might even name liberal justices to the Supreme Court to keep the left happy.

It's certain that Osama WILL name liberals to the courts if he gets another chance, though. 

I guess we pray that whoever the Stupid party nominates can get enough votes to beat Osama - and that whoever that is is enough of a conservative to put judges in place who will actually follow the Constitution.

The alternative is to hope that the next bloody revolution doesn't kill too many innocents, and ends with good people in charge - not like a repeat of 1917 in Russia.

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