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Monday, February 13, 2012

Free CCW class in Milwaukee

Just got this from Wisconsin Carry:

Greetings in Freedom,

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is offering another FREE Concealed Carry License Training Course in Milwaukee, WI:

Sunday, March 18th, 2012
1pm to 5pm

American Serb Hall

This class is FREE and open to the public.  If you attend this class you will leave with a WCI certificate of "proof of training" that you need to submit to the WI Dept. of Justice along with your application for a concealed carry license.  This class (which other sources offer for $80 to $150) is offered FREE of charge by Wisconsin Carry, Inc. a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving and advancing the right to carry in Wisconsin.

To attend this class you must register at the following link:

Please feel free to share this link with friends or family that would like to obtain their concealed carry license but do not have the state required 'proof of training' certificate.  You do not need to be a gun owner to attend.  Many people attend who would like to, but have not yet purchased a gun.  This class is a good class for those new to carry and gun ownership to take. Each person attending the class must register at the above link.

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