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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Urination as freedom of speech

There's been a lot of squawking about some of our Marines peeing on dead Taliban that had been trying to kill them.

While the Marines showed less than stellar judgement by recording this and putting it on the Internet, it's certainly not a big deal. It's not like beheading a reporter, or chopping the hands off a child, or raping a young girl under the guise of a "marriage".

In case you haven't heard some US soldiers might have urinated on dead Taliban fighters. Hopefully they did it facing in the direction away from Mecca, as American soldiers have been ordered to do to avoid offending Muslims, and that the dead Taliban didn't have Korans in their pockets at the time or it'll be a holy war. Oh wait it already is a holy war.
Found this website that gives the direction towards Mecca:

It turns out that all these years when I went out behind the barn to take a leak, I was facing Mecca.

I knew there was something really satisfying about doing that. I always thought it was the fresh air and sunlight. Now, I know I was inadvertently insulting "The Religion of Peace".

So, now I know where to install the urinals if I ever remodel the shop restroom. Facing almost due northeast.

What's the rule about taking a dump?

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