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Monday, January 16, 2012

Slightly slanted ABC video

Why you should never try to defend yourself or others with a gun. Leave it to the professionals - like the guy in the video who shoots himself in the foot while lecturing a bunch of schoolkids.

Yeah. SOME people freeze up, some never practice drawing and aiming, some never even fire their guns. So let's make sure no one except those elites who work for the government can have guns.

At least, near the end, they talk about the need for training.

Then, they tell you that a cellphone is a valuable weapon to save you and those around you.

Remember - when seconds count, the police are only minutes - sometimes tens of minutes - away

Here's the totally unbiased report by the eminently qualified Violence Policy Center with proof. The only problem is they consistently ignore the fact that the huge majority of gun related deaths and injuries occur as a result of criminal or police activity. A vanishingly small number of those cases concern concealed carry licensees.

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