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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nebraska enacting UN child rights legislation?

Sure looks like it:


LB 821 Poses Great Danger to the Family and Civil Liberties

On Sunday, Jan. 1, there was an article in the Omaha World-Herald about legislation that will be introduced during the current session of the Nebraska Unicameral.

 Questions about child welfare to dominate Nebraska Legislature -

It reads:
"Nebraska's 2012 legislative session looks to be the year of the child.

"During the next four months, lawmakers will wrestle with key questions about the future of child welfare and juvenile justice in the state.

"How they answer...those questions will shape the lives of abused and neglected Nebraska children and youthful troublemakers."

But how they answer those questions will also shape the lives of regular, ordinary children too, especially since Nebraska has been showing an unsettling willingness to draw the parameters wider and wider for what constitutes an "abused" or "neglected" child or "youthful troublemaker." Nebraska has a serious problem with breaking up families – it does so at the second highest rate in the nation. And it has recently begun removing children from their families for what the state deems to be poor school attendance, under the new “truancy” law.

It’s good that Nebraska is working to address the serious problems in its child welfare system, and some positive proposals are being advanced this session. However, two of the proposals mentioned in the article, and brought together in one bill, LB 821, are deeply concerning. These proposals would only intensify the problems the system now faces.

LB 821 proposes to create a 26-person Children's Commission, and a brand new state children's agency. (LB 821 - ) The bill recognizes the major problems with Nebraska's current child welfare system, but it proposes to remedy these problems by creating more government!

In addition to the simple paradox of creating more government to solve a problem created by government, I believe that these two legislative proposals present a threat to every Nebraska family in another way.  These two proposals would establish in Nebraska a framework that could implement the concepts contained in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), an overreaching document which the U.S. Congress has refused to ratify for 22 years.
Got to watch our "public servants" like a hawk, all the time - or they try to sneak in stuff like this.

The proper answer to a malfunctioning governmental agency is to remove it - not add another layer of government.

 H/t Domestic Divapalooza

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