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Monday, January 16, 2012

Number five?

If this goes through, 10% of the states will have Constitutional carry.

Remember, that in the 1970's, a similar number of states had any kind of concealed carry at all.
Law would be similar to one passed in Wyoming last year

South Dakota considers open carry shift

Thousands of Pennington County residents have permits to carry concealed handguns.
If Rep. Don Kopp gets his way, they won’t need a permit.

Kopp’s HB1015 would let any South Dakotan who can legally carry a gun conceal their handgun without having to get a state-issued permit.

“This just doesn’t penalize the citizens, to make him buy a permit to defend himself — which I believe is unconstitutional,” said Kopp, R-Rapid City.

Under the current system, people who want to carry a concealed weapon have to pay $10 and undergo a background check in order to get their permit. Applications can be denied for a variety of reasons, including a felonious criminal history, drug violations, a “history of violence,” or having been judged “mentally incompetent.”
Seeing as federal law prohibits most of the currently prohibited persons from even possessing a gun, there can be no legitimate concern about Constitutional carry.

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