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Monday, January 30, 2012

My five most-wanted guns

Not sure who started it, but here's my wishlist:

1. Browning BAR. Ever since reading "Unintended Consequences", I've wanted one. My Dad had a field manual - dated August 1918- for the BAR, and I'd like to have the real thing.

2. Magazine-fed .50 BMG rifle, since Ill-Annoys ex-Governor Rod Blackholobitch hated them. Besides, I've got almost enough back yard to be able to do some 600-yard target practice.

3. Ma Deuce. A quad mount on some sort of mobile platform.

4. An original M1911. Preferably one that has seen combat.

5. An original Luger. A friend who served in WWII flying B24s as armorer and bombardier had one, and I don't know who got it after he died. It was an officer's gun, with the holster.

I could go on for a couple pages, if money is no object...

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