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Monday, January 16, 2012

More reasons to buy "Made in America"

Our factories don't manufacture nuclear tissue boxes!

‘No immediate threat’ of low-level radiation from Bed, Bath and Beyond tissue box holders

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photo from Bed Bath and Beyond
Updated: January 14, 2012 2:46AM

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency says there is “no immediate threat” posed by decorative tissue box holders sold by Bed, Bath and Beyond that are contaminated with low-levels of radioactive material.

IEMA said Friday it is coordinating with federal officials and Bed, Bath and Beyond to identify and secure the tissue box holders contaminated with cobalt-60. While they present no immediate health risk, according to a release from IEMA, the agency is working with federal officials to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure by anyone who comes in contact with them.

The contaminated items are in the Dual Ridge Boutique product line, model number DR9M. They were manufactured at a facility in India and shipped to a Bed, Bath and Beyond distribution site in New Jersey. The items were shipped to the company’s stores in 20 states, including at least two stores in the Chicago area — 1800 N. Clybourn in Chicago and 3232 Lake Ave. in Wilmette.
I remember that the Illinois State Police pulled a truck loaded with cast iron restaurant table legs on the Dan Ryan Expressway a few years ago, when the radiation detector the cop had alerted him. Turned out the legs, made in Mexico, were contaminated with Co60, also - the scrap yard that supplied iron scrap to the foundry had a cancer treatment machine that they chopped up - cobalt source and all.

Make it in America. Why take the risk?

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