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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Charges dropped

NYC has dropped felony charges against Mark Meckler who was charged with felony possession of a firearm with intent to do harm because he tried to check his legal, encased, unloaded weapon at LaGuardia Airport. NYC kept his gun, of course, and his lawyers have advised him the fight to get it back will cost more than the gun is worth.

It's good the felony charge was dropped, seeing as he violated no legitimate law under our Constitution, only a deranged Jim Crow law still on the New York City books, but he did not get away scot-free. He was charged with disorderly conduct, what they plea-bargain you down to so they can still claim they won their case against an antisocial person, and collect some sort of fine to punish the person for presuming to have some personal freedom and rights in Michael Bloomberg's personal fiefdom.

Since the felony charge was dropped, it cannot be appealed, and cannot be used in the Supreme Court to finally overturn NYC's illegal laws.

I expect that Meredith Graves, the Tennessee tourist who attempted to do the right thing and check her personal protection when she visited Ground Zero, will also either have her charges dropped completely, or also get a plea bargain to a non-felony punishment, and therefore will also not be able to be the test case that finally puts Michael Bloomberg and all the anti-self-defense elites before him in their proper place, and at long last allow New Yorkers their unalienable freedoms.

Someone needs to make the sacrifice of time and money, and risk their personal freedom to get the last of these laws off the books once and for all. Millions of people in NYC, Maryland, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts,  Illinois, and other "may issue" CCW states will finally be able to live knowing they can defend themselves against violence at long last, as our founders intended.

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  1. I'm very happy to see the lad got clear of the Felony charges in the Peoples Socialist Republic of NY city.

    I agree that the gun laws are unconstitutional but nothing will be done about them. People are cowards when defending liberties.

    "Someone needs to make the sacrifice of time and money, and risk their personal freedom"

    This is the problem with America these days. It is always "Someone"; else...

    Sure, we piss and moan about these irritants like the armchair warriors we are, to anyone who will listen. We hope that "Someone" else has the balls to act bravely when we cannot.

    "The price to pay for being wrong is too high" or "I don't have a horse in this race, just a bet ticket" we quip, when confronted on our position/complaint we so vigorously defend.

    In truth, this is no longer the Home of the Brave. It is the Home of the Cowards. Me, you, all of us.

    America has become, "Let someone else do the hard work and I'll benefit from the victory.

    Hard to admit, one is a coward to oneself, but instructive on where your true morals and boundaries are.They're not where you think they are.