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Friday, March 2, 2012

The real reason

The last line says it all:
Posted on March 1, 2012 at 6:07 PM

(KMOV) – A controversial handgun registration bill is gaining steam at the Illinois State Capitol and a second bill may be passed which would increase taxes on ammunition.
The gun registration bill is supported by the mayors of Chicago and East St. Louis, but it was supposed to fail on arrival to Springfield.  It passed out of a committee this week.
Handgun owners tell News 4 that they see the registration bill and $20 feel mainly as a tax.
“I believe Illinois is trying to reinvent something the federal government already has in place,” Steven kind, owner of Metro Shooting Supplies in Belleville, said.  "The ATF already has a way to track any firearm that was legally purchased."
The bill is being pushed by Chicago legislators who blame illegally purchased weapons for its crime problem.
“A lot of people see this as an infringement on their rights,” East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks said.  “I don’t see it as an infringement.  I see it as an opportunity to get a handle on who really has a handgun.”
Video at the link.

Of course the mayor of the second nastiest place in Ill-Annoys doesn't see another useless, illegal law as an infringement on our basic rights. It's just a way of getting a handle on any law-abiding people left in the state who still own handguns.

Does this jerk think even one gang-banger or drug dealer is going to donate $20 per handgun to the state?

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