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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ill-Annoys hits a new low

Not satisfied to be the last holdout against self-defense and obeying the Constitution, yet another blatant infringement is imminent:

House panel approves handgun registration, ammo tax bills

From staff and wire reports

SPRINGFIELD -- Legislation that would require handguns to be registered and place a tax on ammunition was approved by an Illinois House committee Wednesday, despite opposition from gun-rights advocates.

Both bills -- touted as tools for improving the state's response to gun violence--passed 7-4 and now go to the House floor. The bills passed along party lines, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting aginst. The metro-east's only legislator on the committee is Rep. Eddie Lee Jackson, D-East St. Louis.

The registration bill would impose a $20 fee for each handgun a person owns. The registration certificates, which owners would have to carry when in possession of a weapon, would expire every five years. Lost or stolen handguns would have to be reported to police.
  • Poll:
    Is it a good idea for Illinois to add a 2 percent tax on ammunition?
    Yes, the trauma centers can use the money to treat gunshot victims. 17
    No, it's unconstitutional, unfair, and I'll just buy my ammo in Missouri. 959
    Who knows? 5
    Total Votes:  981
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently called for a mandatory gun registration with a $65 fee. He and his allies have agreed to scale back the fee. Even at the lower level, Emanuel's Chief of Staff Felicia Davis said, a fee would pay for improving a background-checking system that has failed to process 100,000 mental health records.

More at the link.
Go vote in the poll there, while it's live.

Registering guns does absolutely nothing to fight crime, but it makes it REAL easy for tyrants to disarm the law-abiding.

My hope is that a large proportion of Illinois handgun owners are just going to ignore this un-Constitutional piece of crap, if it becomes law.

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