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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Twenty years ago -

We surrendered to Islamic terrorists by passing the Patriot Act and creating the TSA, and set the stage for our eventual "successful" exit from Afghanistan. Twenty years later, things have only progressed in the wrong direction. We have a fraudulently "elected" "president" who is so obviously a puppet and totally unfit for any public office, and a "vice president" who blew and slept her way into the second most powerful position in our country. Proof of massive election fraud, indeed the subject of bragging articles in major magazines, is ignored by the media as the ravings of people unhappy that Donald Trump was not re-elected. We have kowtowed to the Comminust Chinese, who unleashed a Frankenstein virus on the world, in large part financed by our tax dollars as administed by one Dr. Anthony Fauci, a serial liar and another incompetent who contradicts himself regularly. We now have a mass media who are willing participants in destroying America and sowing division as directed by some elites desiring a "new world order" that ultimaltely includes approximately 90% of human life to be removed so the planet can "heal" under their benevolent dictatorship. The remaining humans not part of the elite will be serfs in service of their lords and ladies, subject to their every whim. Our fraudulent "president" now goes on national media and tells us that his patience with us ignoring his idiotic demands is wearing thin, and he will now mandate that any company with 100 employees or more will be required to force an untested "vaccine" on their personnel. A vaccine responsible for thousands of verified deaths, a vaccine that does not confer immunity to COVID-19 and its' mutated variants, a "vaccine" that has been shown to harm the body's natural immune system, amking the vaccinated more susceptible to the disease supposedly protected from. Our major media is complicent in censoring viewpoints not in slavish agreement with the narrative prescribed by the elite. Large corproations routinely fire employees who have viewpoints out of line with the corporate mission statement. Our schools are run by people who have been trained in methods of mind control pioneered by the Chinese and Soviet Marxist governments. Teacher's unions dictate to parents and school boards how they will opwrate, or not. It's been said that we can't vote our way out of the current headlong rush to socialism and outright Communism, but we still need to try - the alternative is bloody civil war. Possibly the first shots of that war were fired by Black Lives Matter and Antifa last year. Pray. And keep your powder dry. Buy a couple guns if you don't already own freedom's tools - and lay up at lesat a month's survival supplies. One way or another, it's going to be an interesting couple of years before the next major election, assuming the recent revelations of electrion fraud somehow are recognized and Sleepy Joe and friends are removed from office - in Sleepy Joe's case, a trial for treason would be appropriate, with the prescribed penalty applied on the steps of the Capitol. (A day late - Blogger apparently has changed it's format, which threw me for a loop for a bit.)

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