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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Letter to the President

Along with sending notes to my CONgresscritters, I just sent this:

Dear President Trump,

Please follow up on your campaign promises. You have made a fantastic start, but there is much left to do.

We need to finally admit that the Constitution states, in the Second Amendment, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Several federal laws dating back to 1934 need to be repealed, and the BATFE needs to either be disbanded (preferably!) or lose the 'F', as the federal government has no need for a bureau of 'firearms' in light of that 2nd Amendment.

The several states need to be reminded of this, also. There is no need for country-wide recognition of concealed carry, since every law-abiding American already has that right if he or she cares to exercise it.

If the 1934 National Firearms Act is repealed, the 1968 Gun Control Act and the 1986 extensions to it, as well as the Brady Bill, will have to be repealed, also. This will free up FBI resources that now are charged with checking whether or not Americans should be allowed to buy a firearm, to actually go after real criminals.

Another thing - how about a law making it a federal crime to spoof an email or to spoof a caller ID? Of course, this needs enforcement - perhaps those FBI assets freed up by the repeal of the Brady Bill?

"Gun crime" in New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Chicago would plummet if honest people could easily defend themselves. New York, Maryland, California and Illinois have the strictest - and most Un-Constitutional gun laws in the country. Coincidence?

Build that wall. Any Mexican citizen who wants to truly become an American can do it the same way all my grandparents did it - legally.

Vetting people from Muslim countries that have large incidences of terrorist problems is only common sense. Keep it up.

If you can clean up the gun issues, you definitely have me as a supporter for your second term, if you care to run again.

God bless,

Chuck Kuecker

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