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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tractor follies

A couple weeks ago, the clutch started slipping badly in my Massey-Ferguson Super 90 tractor I use to mow firebreaks out back,

So - I split the tractor. Built up a couple supports out of concrete blocks and timbers, and put a metal plate on the support under the engine so I could use my big floor jack to move the engine away from the back of the tractor. My son Chris helped me roll the front wheels and guide the jack. Put a bottle jack under the engine to take the load off the floor jack.

Next thing I did was to drain the five gallons of Diesel fuel and oil out of the crankcase. The 300 CI Perkins is supposed to have seven quarts in the case. So, fuel lift pump leaking into the case. I hope I can find a rebuild kit, or a new pump assembly.

The clutch came apart with one broken bolt in the flywheel, and all the balls from the pilot bearing falling out when I removed the pressure plate. The throwout bearing is also noisy, so more parts to order.

There was a gallon or more oil in the clutch housing, so new crank seal, too.

Decided to top off the transmission while I was waiting for parts. The next morning, found a couple gallons of hydraulic oil on the floor. New seals on the pilot shaft and PTO shaft, too, and out comes the transmission. Easy job, if you have an engine hoist and a strong son to help.

Some photos:

Tractor from the front:

Back of the engine:

Rear of the tractor with transmission removed:


Transmission front cover and gears. The transmission seals live in here.:

Flywheel. Weighs about 80#. Drilled out the broken bolt and put in a Helicoil.

Parts on order. should have them next weekend.

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