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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Because idiots

I'm getting sick of the revisionists and the book-burners.


I was born and bred in Chicago. Never lived south of Chicago. Don't have any "Southern pride".

What I do have is a deep and abiding loathing for the idiots in charge of too much of our country.

The Southern States seceded from the Union - quite legally, as the Union is a voluntary agreement between the several States. They did this not to preserve slavery, which was becoming uneconomical even before the War, but because of restrictions on trade imposed by the Northern states.

Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as stating he had no interest in having Negroes in the US - he was in favor of returning them to Africa. The 13th Amendment was more about politics than justice. His presidency set the stage for the huge increase in federal power we suffer under today.

This image is only objectionable to people who intend to ignore history. Like the lawsuits against Indian team names and mascots. Such will ultimately result in an America that does not remember it's history - and that suits the liberals just fine.

Here are some truly objectionable symbols:

Note that even though I find these symbols distasteful, some of them obscene, I do not advocate banning them.

Or the ideas they represent.

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