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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gun bans STILL don't work

H/t Alphecca

Why Gun Bans Still Don't Work

By John Lott

Published September 29, 2010


Yesterday's wild shooting spree at the University of Texas fortunately ended without anyone being hurt before the gunman shot himself. Naturally, the incident has yet again raised the question over gun bans, such as the ban currently in effect at the University of Texas.

Do they actually do more harm than good?

Gun bans as the solution to gun violence has popped up again, covering different areas. It would have been nice if such bans had stopped criminals from using guns. But, alas, the results are invariably the same, whether the ban is put in place for college campuses, cities, or entire nations: gun bans disarm the law-abiding, not criminals. Instead of making victims safer, they make criminals safer.

Read the whole thing

Monday, September 27, 2010

More Internet censorship?

If Demonrat Sen. Pat Leahy gets his way:

Leahy Pushes Internet Censorship Bill

By: Jim Meyers

Sen. Patrick Leahy has introduced a bill affecting the Internet that could have a “dangerous impact on freedom of speech,” according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

leahy, internet, censorship, billThe Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) introduced by the Vermont Democrat, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, requires Internet Service Providers, Domain Name System providers, and others to block Internet users from reaching certain websites.

The legislation, which seeks to curb online piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods, would create two “blacklists.” The first is a list of all websites hit with a censorship court order from the Attorney General. The second is a list of domain names that the Department of Justice determines are “dedicated to infringing activities” that violate copyright laws.

COICA requires blocking for domains on the first list and “strongly suggests” that domains on the second list should be blocked as well by providing legal immunity for those who do block access to websites, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit civil liberties organization.

“This is a censorship bill that runs roughshod over freedom of speech on the Internet” and could have a “dangerous impact on freedom of speech,” the EFF observes.

H/t Alphecca

Well, since everyone else has done it...

I'll take a shot, too.

This babe (?) asks 20 questions about "gun control".

1. Do you believe that criminals and domestic abusers should be able to buy guns without background checks?

Well, in a word, yes. You see, there's this little piece of paper - the US Constitution - that states, in no uncertain terms, that "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". What part of that don't you understand?

Criminals and domestic abusers do not magically lose their Constitutional rights until convicted in a court of law and sentenced to prison. When they are released, they are assumed to have "paid their debt to society" and are allowed to rejoin the rest of America as free citizens again.

You may not like this, but that's just too bad.

2. What is your proposal for keeping guns away from criminals, domestic abusers, terrorists and dangerously mentally ill people?

Simple - we don't try. The bad guys will always find a way to get what they want. Every attempt at governmental banning of substances or objects or writings has failed miserably - our latest effort - the "war on drugs" only costs us billions of dollars every year and keeps no one from getting high. Why should we waste money on bans that don't work?

Better we allow everyone who wishes to own and carry a weapon the freedom to do so - see answer #1 - and trust the good will overwhelm the bad. Every private firearm held by a good person out there is a potential to stop the actions of a criminal or terrorist.

3. Do you believe that a background check infringes on your constitutional right to "keep and bear arms"?


4. Do you believe that I and people with whom I work intend to ban your guns?

Definitely. Some of your people have baldy stated this a number of times.

5. If yes to #4, how do you think that could happen ( I mean the physical action)?

1934 National Firearms Act
1968 Gun Control Act
1986 Firearm Owner's Protection Act
Clinton assault weapons ban
Katrina gun confiscation

And so on..

6. What do you think are the "second amendment remedies" that the tea party GOP candidate for Senate in Nevada( Sharron Angle) has proposed?

If the government does not respond to the legitimate grievances of the People, they may become necessary. Remember the American Revolution? The Declaration of Independence?

Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

7. Do you believe in the notion that if you don't like what someone is doing or saying, second amendment remedies should be applied?

If their actions directly offer harm to me and mine, certainly. Their speech is protected under that same pesky Constitution, unless they offer slander or libel, and that's why we have courts of law.

8. Do you believe it is O.K. to call people with whom you disagree liars and demeaning names?

Liars, yes, if that's what they are. Names, no. This just makes things worse, and makes thinking people imagine the person so responding is of lesser intelligence or maturity.

9. If yes to #8, would you do it in a public place to the person's face?

If it came to that, I certainly would. I'm not a coward, as many who hold opinions counter to mine have demonstrated.

10. Do you believe that any gun law will take away your constitutional rights?

No, I don't THINK so. The Constitution overrides all un-Constitutional laws.

11. Do you believe in current gun laws? Do you think they are being enforced? If not, explain.

Two part question. Trouble counting there?
First, what has belief got to do with whether there are laws currently on the books? If you mean do I believe they are useful or legal, no, I do not THINK they are either.
Second, yes, I know of several places where such illegal laws are being enforced against the wrong people.

12. Do you believe that all law-abiding citizens are careful with their guns and would never shoot anybody?

Another double question.
First, "all law-abiding citizens" includes a subset of idiots, imbeciles, and plain stupid people, not to mention the accident-prone and clumsy. These people need to take responsibility for their actions or omissions.
Second, if you would never shoot anybody, what's the use of having a gun for self-defense? If you want to protect yourself from an attack, you have to be willing to apply suitable force to prevent the attacker from succeeding.

13. Do you believe that people who commit suicide with a gun should be included in the gun statistics?

"Figures lie and liars figure". I do not see how suicides are anyone's business outside the family, if any, of the person committing same, until they involve innocent bystanders.

Statistics have been bandied about by both sides. I can cite several studies that show more guns equates to less crime - look up John Lott some time.

14. Do you believe that accidental gun deaths should "count" in the total numbers?

See #13.

15. Do you believe that sometimes guns, in careless use or an accident, can shoot a bullet without the owner or holder of the gun pulling the trigger?

In some extremely rare circumstances, usually coupled with a careless or foolhardy act or omission on the part of the owner or holder, yes. Does this have any bearing on MY right to self defense? No.

16. Do you believe that 30,000 gun deaths a year is too many?

Another question of statistics and faith. If you lump all deaths involving even peripherally, a firearm, you get that number. If you look at true accidents, you get a much lower number.

Once you get a realistic number of accidental shootings, you need to compare them to other accidental causes of death. The numbers put "gun deaths" way down on the list.

Risk of death during life is unavoidable. Perfect safety is a mirage. People who believe in perfect safety also tend to believe in the Tooth Fairy and that we can spend our way out of national bankruptcy.

17. How will you help to prevent more shootings in this country?

I won't try to prevent "more". Truly justifiable shootings - I have no interest in decreasing these - in fact, I would like to see this number rise. It would be an indicator that the general public is at last fed up with crime and is taking back their right to do something about it.

Accidental shootings - I advocate gun safety education be mandatory in grade school - something like the NRA's "Eddie Eagle" at first, moving up to marksmanship and practical shooting in higher grades, with Olympic-style shooting sports offered in schools for those who desire to participate.

18. Do you believe the articles that I have posted about actual shootings or do you think I am making them up or that human interest stories about events that have happened should not count when I blog about gun injuries and deaths?

I have no idea - I don't frequent your blog. As for the mainstream media, I firmly believe that they tend to cherry-pick stories that support their agenda - and that stories of successful self-defense do not do so.

Do I know that some of your compatriots lie and misquote? Yes.

19. There has been some discussion of the role of the ATF here. Do you believe the ATF wants your guns and wants to harass you personally? If so, provide examples ( some have written a few that need to be further examined).

No. The small interactions I have had with the ATF have been good.
Do I think the ATF needs more oversight and should be investigated? Definitely yes.

20. Will you continue a reasonable discussion towards an end that might lead somewhere or is this an exercise in futility?

I will continue to work towards the repeal of all un-Constitutional laws, whatever their subject. Will I compromise with your people? Never.

Economics 101

From The Silicon Greybeard:

The fact is, this is a spending problem. If you confiscated every single penny from every billionaire in America, you couldn't fix the deficit. According to this link, if you confiscated every single penny of income from the top 1% of taxpayers, you couldn't pay off this year's deficit. In fact, the top brackets pay a higher percentage of the tax burden than ever before:
Never forget that while it's not a fundamental characteristic of the universe and is not a physical law, Hauser's Law always seems to be true. If that bothers you, the laws of thermodynamics aren't fundamental physical laws, either. Hauser's Law and the First Law of Thermodynamics enjoy essentially the same status.

Go read the whole thing.

Obama looking to apply some whoop-ass?

From The Nose On Your Face:

Obama Looking For A** To Kick Over Exploding Deficit, Out Of Control Spending

Only days after President Obama sought out “ass to kick” in the wake of the British Petroleum oil spill, he continued to unleash his fury, this time at those responsible for America’s spiraling debt and out of control spending.

“I have a message for the people who have been spending your tax dollars like drunken sailors: there’s a 50-gallon drum of whoop-ass waiting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Obama, “and I’m gonna be doling out force-fed tap hits from here on out. The Chairman of BP, Rush Limbaugh, hell, Chuck Norris too. Anybody wants a piece of this, I’m right here, baby.”"


He may need one of these: Ass-kicking machine - and someone to operate it while he "bows" in front of it...

Some interesting videos

We The People:

Gangsta Government:

In America:

A letter from Charlie to the Pres:

Friday, September 24, 2010

OsamaCare revealed

Even worse than we thought:


Examiner Editorial: Obamacare is even worse than critics thought

Examiner Editorial
September 22, 2010

Much more has been revealed about Obamacare since President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi pushed the bill on Americans six months ago. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP file)

Six months ago, President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rammed Obamacare down the throats of an unwilling American public. Half a year removed from the unprecedented legislative chicanery and backroom dealing that characterized the bill's passage, we know much more about the bill than we did then. A few of the revelations:

» Obamacare won't decrease health care costs for the government. According to Medicare's actuary, it will increase costs. The same is likely to happen for privately funded health care.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Mourning in America

Powerful truth.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another test case?

Five arrested in Madison for disorderly conduct, for sitting in a Culver's with holstered guns. From Cap Times:

Police cite 'open carry' gunholders with disorderly conduct, chief clarifies policy

H/t Alphecca

DISCLOSE raises its' head yet again

Word has it Hairy Reid is going to call fro a vote on this shit yet again today. Tried phoning Feingold, lines all busy. Left a message and emailed him this:

Vote NO on DISCLOSE. If you want even a PRAYER or re-election next month, vote NO.

In fact, vote NO if for no other reason that you will leave office retaining some of your honor as a citizen, rather than being branded a traitor to the nation if you vote YES.

McCain-Feingold was bad enough - here you have a small way to reclaim respect in the eyes of the people you have supposedly been representing.

Emailed Kohl this:

Vote NO on DISCLOSE. You owe it to the people you supposedly represent to prevent this blatant infringement of free speech from becoming yet another un-Constitutional law.

For whatever good it may do. Will call again - and again.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

From back in Illinois

Nothing like a bit of Astroturf to liven things up

Dem Congresswoman’s Supporters Participate in ‘Palin-As-Hitler’ Rally

by Larry O'Connor

A video showing protesters outside an Americans For Prosperity event has surfaced on the internet. It shows the protestors with signs depicting Sarah Palin and Glenn beck with Hitler mustaches and the label “Naz-Tea Party” over their pictures. Also depicted as Hitler is GOP candidate Adam Kinzinger running against Rep. Debbie Halvorson (IL-D) in the 11th District in Illinois.


As protests go, it’s a bit limp and poorly attended, but the offensive and inflammatory signs certainly grab your attention. Especially considering the Democratic Party and the NAACP’s very high-profile condemnation of inflammatory signs that have appeared at Tea Party events.

What makes this video so compelling is what it shows after the protest.

Read the rest...

Speaking of Korans...

Big Dick's Place has a nice video:

Gotta get me some Tannerite...

Why I won't be burning Korans

They cost money, and I'm still unemployed.

Even if I could afford to buy some, I would not - simply to prevent any of my money going to support Islam in any way i could avoid.

A potent picture

This is well worth examining closely

Scan through the picture slowly and read the captions - and the detail on the right side.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Another letter to the editor

People just don't get it. From today's Beloit Daily News, a letter to the editor:

Tax wealthy, reduce deficit

Published: Friday, September 17, 2010 12:07 PM CDT
As the nation staggers toward the promises of the upcoming election, we must keep a number of issues forefront in our minds.

The nation bears a burden of gigantic problems, affecting every aspect of our society and political system. Irrespective of where one might stand on any aspect of this crisis, we should all agree that the ill-considered temporary tax cuts for the wealthy - put together as an economic stimulus early in the Bush Administration - be allowed to expire. The reduced taxes for the already strapped and financially damaged middle class should be extended.

Other parts of the Bush Tax cuts must be allowed to expire. When one is deeply in debt, increasing one’s income is sensible. Debts are due. The small numbers of citizens who have benefited in far greater magnitude than the vast majority by the temporary tax reductions should step up and pay their dues. The wealthy benefited in greater proportion from the temporary cuts, and now should bear a proportional increase via the restoration of the previously established tax rates.

That this will have grave negative impact on the greater economy is nonsense - with the cuts in place, the economy still imploded. Taxing the wealthy quite possibly will do the economy some good, if used to reduce the deficit.

George Ferriter

My response - we'll see if it gets printed.

In response to Mr. Ferriter's letter of September 17th:

It should be obvious to anyone who follows recent history and understands what has been happening in our federal and state governments for the last few decades, that "taxing the rich" never works, and ends up taxing everyone.

Look at the recent government bailouts of banks and other firms "too big to fail". The American people were saddled with trillions in debt, debt that will be paid, if ever, by our grandkid's grandkids. This money ended up being paid by the millions to the people in charge of those banks and firms.

The recent "health care reform" bill, crammed through Congress in the wee hours without being read by anyone, will pay billions to select organizations and to government bureaucrats, while again saddling the common folk with immense debt.

The "wealthy" that will end up paying these taxes will be the family owned small business with 25 employees or the family farm which will have to be sold rather than passed on to the next generation because of the evil "death tax", and again, the common folk. If you tax a corporation, they just raise the price of the commodity they sell to us - so if you want to pay more, let's end those tax reductions. I'm sure the government can find a way to waste the extra money.

Or - we could insist that our public servants work for US, rather than foisting ever more grandiose schemes on a long-suffering America.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are screwed!

The Demonrats have a new LOGO! We are SO screwed now!

IMAO has the right idea:

They Make it Too Easy

Posted by Harvey on September 15, 2010 at 10:15 pm

The Democrats unveiled their fancy new logo today:

Didn’t take long for me to figure out what it looked like:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Climate change? We dunno...

Pachauri admits the IPCC just guesses the numbers

Such is the pressure finally beginning to bear on the IPCC that Pachauri has been forced into the ridiculous position of trying to rescue credibility by contradicting most of their past PR campaign. He’s taken the extraordinary step of admitting they don’t have hard numbers, hey, but it’s all OK because the IPCC is really a government agency to make policy, not to write scientific reports “that don’t see the light of day”.

So he’s admitting that the IPCC was all about policy prescriptions all along? And the science was just fudged-up window dressing to provide an excuse? Well, who would have guessed.

Hidden beside Pachauri’s declaration that he’s happy about the IAC report, he let slip a corker of a line:

Times of India asks: Anything in the UN probe report you completely or partly disagree with?

They have talked about quantifying uncertainties. To some extent, we are doing that, though not perfectly. But the issue is that in some cases, you really don’t have a quantitative base by which you can attach a probability or a level of uncertainty that defines things in quantitative terms. And there, let’s not take away the importance of expert judgment. And that is something the report has missed or at least not pointed out.

So if you can’t quantify uncertainties (like is climate sensitivity say 0.5 degrees or 6.5 degrees, and with what probabilities) just go with your best guess, call it expert opinion (especially if you only pick and pay the “right” experts) and say that there is a 90% certainty, even if there are no numbers you can add up to get that.

At JoNova. Go read the whole thing.

War on salt?

Shades of HillaryCare!

Next, Michelle Obama's health reform plan for the nation's restaurant menus and families dining out

September 14, 2010 | 5:18 am

Democrat first lady Michelle Obama addresses National Restaurant Assn on suggested menu changes 9-13-10

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been unable to convince the Smoker-in-Chief to give up that dreadful habit, now has some health suggestions for other American families and for restaurant menus across the country. The goal is to eat healthier, although that might hurt restaurant sales and cause disappointed children.

Damn, she take a good picture!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Travelling to Tennessee?

Go here to find out places you don't want to patronize.

Gun Free Dining Tennessee

H/t Say Uncle

And while we ban drunk teens for life...

America is poised to implode.

Karl Denninger has something to say about this. Go read

Call a spade a spade?

America. The land of freedom of speech - if you speak what Der Fuhrer wants to hear.

British Teenager Banned From US For Life: Called Barack a “Prick”

If we can't call him what we think he is, what's left for us?

UPDATE: A trainwreck in Maxwell says what I was thinking, but neglected to state.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts on "radical Islam"

Why do we call the people who do things like the 9/11 attack "Muslim radicals", when the Koran clearly tells its' followers to wage war against everyone who is not a good Muslim?

We ought to call these people "fundamentalist Muslims" - after all, we call those who interpret the Bible literally "fundamentalist Christians".

When the mainstream of Islam publicly disavows the passages in the Koran that direct Muslims to wage jihad on everyone not one of them, and demonstrate by their action that they do not support such actions, I will consider Islam to be a religion of peace, as peace is defined by the majority of non-Muslims.

9/11 remembrance

From Michelle Malkin

Never forget

Darryl Worley sings it:

Seen at Borepatch

Thursday, September 9, 2010

UN == One world government

In case you doubted it.

United Nations
EXCLUSIVE: After a Year of Setbacks, U.N. Looks to Take Charge of World's Agenda

By George Russell

Published September 08, 2010

After a year of humiliating setbacks, United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and about 60 of his top lieutenants — the top brass of the entire U.N. system — spent their Labor Day weekend at a remote Austrian Alpine retreat, discussing ways to put their sprawling organization in charge of the world’s agenda.

Go read the whole thing.

No guns for Jews

JFPO has a new movie out. Go watch, or buy some DVDs and help spread the word.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I lived to see the day!

Little Dick Daley's not going for re-election!

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley pauses as he speaks during a news conference, Thursday, July 1, 2010 in Chicago. (AP)

From Fox News:

Chicago Mayor Daley Opts Against Re-Election, Opens Door for Rahm Campaign

Published September 07, 2010

Longtime Chicago Mayor Richard Daley announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election, a stunning decision that apparently ends a political dynasty that dominated the city for more than a half century and paves the way for Rahm Emanuel to chase his dream job.



Things you didn't know about Islam

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What next?

Seen at Doctor Zero

After the Fall

Too good to pass up

Seen at Alphecca

I've been a fan of "reverend" Jesse Jackson for years. He's been pretty quiet for a while now, but on seeing this, I couldn't resist...the "reverend's" Escalade gets stolen and stripped...while he's touting "green" crap.

Disrespecting Jesse