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Monday, June 28, 2010

McDonald ruling due today!

Like many, I hope for a clear victory - but will not be surprised by a weaselly refusal to act in the best interests of the people of America.

Update: Kinda a victory. More lawsuits to come, but the foot is now in the door...

Supreme Court rules that all Americans have fundamental right to bear arms

Hitting close to home

Hot Air has this:

Obama’s promise to bankrupt coal industry to cost 1,000 jobs in upper Midwest

Hope and change?

I hope we can change the direction our country is being driven in without bloodshed.

Update: Sent this to the usual suspects:

GO here and see what our "president's" wishes, combined with your aid, have done to our state.

How about fighting for US here in Wisconsin, as we hired you to do, and not for the "new world order"?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nanny state protectionism

I've been thinking about laws meant to protect people from themselves in one way or another. The July 4th holiday always brings this to mind with the obligatory front-page warnings in the local paper about the dangers of fireworks.

How does any government that claims to be supporting freedom get off making any law aimed at forcing anyone to do something or not do something strictly for their own safety? The very idea ought to be anathema to a freedom-loving "legislator".

The only laws that should ever be passed are those which further the overall freedom of the people - and not "freedom from", ever. Americans should always be free to experience the consequences of their own actions, for good or bad. The only time the government should step in is if one person's actions cause injury to another or to some others property - and then only at the complaint of the injured party or a witness to the injury.

If children are shielded from all danger while growing, they will never mature as fully-functioning citizens of a free state. Of course, such defective children are key ingredients of a true nanny state. Without a cowering populace, the nanny state could not survive.

Yet another futile attempt at controlling my employees...

Sent to Kohl and Feingold...

We do not need, nor do we want, a "kill switch" for the Internet.

We do not need, nor do we want, a "Disclose Act" that would infringe the freedom of political speech. It was tried once with McCain-Feingold, and rightly was struck down by the Supreme Court.

We DO need to allow the Gulf States the freedom to defend their own shores from the oil mess gnereated mainly by federal regulations that forced drillers into unsafe waters.

We DO need the federal government to either properly police our borders, as the law requires, or for them top get the heck out of the way and allow Arizona to do the job the federal government obviously will not or cannot do.

We DO need you guys to stop spending our distant descendants' life's savings on unicorn fart programs like ObamaCare and bailouts of companies. Let people take responsibility for their own lives, and let big corporations live or die based on their own actions and mistakes.

We DO need the size of the federal government reduced by about 90%. Now.

We DO need federal legislation prohibiting anyone paid in any way from taxes taken from the American people from joining or organizing a union. Anyone taking a federal paycheck who does so should be immediately fired.

We DO need an immediate cessation in the printing of money without a corresponding increase in our national product.

We DO need an immediate reduction of federal taxes - and no new taxes unless an equal amount of existing taxes are removed. You want to pass a VAT, well, disband the IRS and remove all income taxes, personal and corporate. One or the other.

Do what we want, don't do what we don't want you to do. It's really simple.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jews in the attic

How do you determine a law is tyrannical? Joe Huffman has a test.

"Will this law make it difficult or impossible to protect innocent life from a government intent on their imprisonment or death?"

The Jews in the Attic test

Worth passing around. Check out his blog: The View from North Central Idaho


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Email to NRA-ILA


How can you in any way support this? I did not send in all that money to the NRA to become a life member so that the NRA-ILA would be a party to un-Constitutional infringements on the First Amendment.

It's bad enough to have a state senator - Feingold - who thinks the First Amendment is not a restriction on the government - but to have my NRA aid and abet the loss of freedom is unconscionable.

What's next? Are you going to send money to the Brady Bunch? They are hurting financially, I hear, and I bet they would love help getting their message out!

Another nail in the national coffin

Feingold and Kohl both voted to let the EPA keep the power to regulate human exhalations and volcanoes.

Again, I send email to these idiots. Am I just a glutton for disappointment, or what?


Are you insane, sir? Giving the EPA the power to unilaterally "regulate" substances that have no possible effect on our "climate", and that have no possibility of control by humanity?

Carbon dioxide is a vital nutrient, the vast majority of which is produced by natural sources. Man-made CO2 emissions contribute less than 10% of the total atmospheric content of this gas.

Allowing an unelected bureaucracy to have the power to control something that all living creatures exhale is totally crazy. The opportunities for mischief are endless.

I won't even get into the fact that our whole economy, and our standard of living - not just for America, but for the entire planet, depends on the burning of so-called "fossil fuels", and will be so dependent for the foreseeable future, despite any claims of "alternative energy". We must, as a species, someday wean ourselves off coal and oil, but to do so in a totally unscientific and illogical manner is a form of slow national suicide.

NOTHING America can do unilaterally will have the slightest effect on the climate of this planet. It is the height of arrogance to even think this is possible. All this power given to the EPA will cause is further destruction of our economy, more unemployment, and a further proof to the other nations of the world that the USA is no longer a power to be reckoned with.

In your last few months of service to the people of Wisconsin, could you please help rein-in the insanity of the environmental religion? At least show some guts and character, so when you are dis-elected, you will go out with a few good marks on your record!


CO2 comprises less than 1/3 of 1% of our atmosphere. The probability of a given photon hitting a molecule of CO2 is minuscule, and actual scientific measurements have shown that CO2 is much less effective in trapping heat than water vapor, which is ten to one hundred times as common in the atmosphere. But, when has common sense and intelligent thought EVER figured into the antics of our politicians?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

White House Press Corps Head Speaks!

From Helen Thomas, a good pal of The Won, President Osama:

Not much for history, this ugly broad...